OPEN Tenure track PostDoc position „Process Simulation"

The Faculty of Technical Chemistry at Technische Universität Wien (Vienna University of Technology) invites applications for an Assistant Professor position (tenure track , full-time employment) expected to begin at 01.09.2020. The position is initially limited to a period of six years and, in the event of a qualification agreement being concluded and fulfilled, includes the option of taking on an unlimited employment relationship as a Associate Professor

The tenure track position is affiliated to the Research Area of Thermal Process Engineering and Simulation at the Institute of Chemical, Environmental and Bioscience Engineering, Faculty of Technical Chemistry at TU Wien and comprises research and teaching in the field of description and analysis of complex process concepts in chemical engineering via process simulation models. The position is assigned to the main research areas "Materials and Matter'' and "Energy and Environment" in the development plan of the TU Wien.

Research goals for the tenure track position comprises further development and integration of models and tools in the areas of process simulation, process integration and process analysis. Thus, an integrated network of tools and routines shall be obtained, aiming at the development and assessment  of  sustainble  biorefinery  concepts  based on a  consistent  (property)  data background.
Project acquisition and successful project management of national and international funded projects is presumed.
Organizational responsibilities include simulation software maintenance, operation of measurement equipment for phase equilibria in related experimental thermodynamic data as weil as organization of student courses related to process simulation.

Expected qualifications and areas of responsibility:

Process simulation and exergy analysis.
Balancing and integration of complex processes in chemical engineering (biorefinery, separation sequences, metallurgical processes, processes involving electrolytes).
Simulation and balancing of thermal separation processes.

• Teaching is associated to the topics process simulation, computer aided chemical engineering and thermal separation processes in the bachelor's and master's program in Technical Chemistry and Chemical Engineering both in lectures and in laboratory exercises.
• The integration into basic and research-related teaching is intended.
• Supervision of bachelor-, master and PhD-students


a)  Must-criteria:
• University MSc and PhD degree in Technical Chemistry or Chemical Engineering.
• High-level scientific qualification in the field of Process Simulation and Thermal Processes Engineering.
• Proven research achievements including international, peer-reviewed publications in the above-mentioned research fields.
• Experience in the acquisition and implementation of second- and third-party funded projects at a highly competitive level such as the independent acquisition and management of EC funded projects (or equivalent research funding}.
• Experience in teaching (lectures, laboratory and simulation exercises} in German and English as wen as the ability to elaborate and govern/simulation exercises and courses on the topic process simulation.
• Experience with simulation tools Aspen Plus, Aspen Energy Analyzer or comparable software tools.
• Experience in the supervision of bachelor, master and PhD thesis
• Experience in the management of a research group and project management skills

b)  Desired:
• Broad knowledge on various software tools for process simulation: for example gPROMS, COSMOtherm, IPSEpro.
• Organizational skills, teamwork and excellent communication skills.
• Experience in the field of dissemination and tralning in EC funded projects.

TU Wien aims at increasing the share of women, in particular in management functions and in the academic/artistic staff and therefore expressly encourages qualified women to apply. Female applicants who are equally qualified as the best qualified competing male applicant will be accepted by preference unless personal qualifications of a competing male applicant prevail.

We endeavor to hire handicapped people with corresponding qualifications and therefore expressly encourage them to apply. For more information please contact the confidential counsellor for handicapped persons at TU Wien (contact: Gerhard Neustätter, ).

The employment starts as University Assistant with a minimum salary of EUR 3.889,50 gross (14 x per year) according to the collective bargaining agreement for a PostDoc. After signing the quaHfication agreement, the employment is as Assistant Professor with a minimum salary of EUR 4.599,60 (14 x per year).

Additional to the letter of motivation anf the Curriculum Vitae, the application must contain:
• Certificates of doctoral and diploma degrees
• List of scientific achievements
• List of experience in teaching and training of young scientists
• List of acquired third-party funds
• Research statement: outline of planned research and teaching activities, and an explanatlon of their contribution to the scientific profile of the Faculty of Technical Chemistry as well as TU Wien

Applications (in English) should be sent until 30.07.2020 by e-mail to Ms. Birgit Hahn ( ). Larger electronic flies should be sent on USB stick or CD ROM to: Technische Universität Wien, Institut für Verfahrenstechnik, Umwelttechnik und Technische Biowissenschaften, Getreidemarkt 9/166, A-1060 Wien.
Candidates are not eligible for a refund of expenses for travelling and lodging related to the application process.